Amerihorse DOES NOT require a deposit prior to pickup for any reason. Any person asking for a deposit prior to pickup stating they are us is a SCAMMER.

This quote is for a DIRECT shipment from your pickup to your delivery address. Additional pickups can be added, each additional pickup location will cost a minimum of $100. This is the most expensive option but allows for loads larger than 6 horses or unhandled horses which can make it more economical than trying to find separate fill rates for multiple horses. With this rate we bring the horse to you directly so they arrive to you as quickly as safely possible.




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Consignee Information

First name of the person responsible for paying for this transport.

Last name of the person responsible for paying for this transport.

Where legal notices can be sent. Does NOT have to be the pickup or delivery address.

If you are not the owner of the animal we will either need a copy of legal paperwork  (this could include a training contract, power of attorney, or lease contract) from the animals owner that gives you the legal ability to enter into contracts where the horse is used as collateral. Alternatively the legal owner of the animal will be required to be the one signing the contracts for this transport regardless of who is paying the cost of transport. You will need to provide this paperwork and it must be accepted by our legal advisor before we can secure your booking. 

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Route Information

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Trip Info

A negative coggins is required for ALL transport. A health certificate is also required for ANY transport crossing state lines. Both of these must be handed to the driver in printed format. Digital copies are not acceptable. In states where it is required a brand inspection will ALSO be required to transport these states may include South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, and Utah. Please contact the state to determine if one is required and get one before pickup.

If ANY horse, except for a halter broke mare with a not halter broke foal at her side, is not halter broken they are considered unhandled the trailer must have all partitions removed and the horses must travel loose. There is an upcharge for us moving horses that are not handled. If your unhandled or not halter broken horse is NOT a foal traveling with its dam you must check the box below. 

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Final cost

The final estimated price is :

Most quotes end up in the midrange of the quote range above. This range depends on several factors including the time frame of the move, our current location, and any variables not taken into account by this form. This is just an estimate and not a binding offer. If you would like to get started booking this trip you can enter your email below and your completed form will be sent to us. If you do not enter your email and submit your quote will be deleted from the system immediately.  Only by entering your email below will we get a copy of the form to contact you about this transport. It will help us if you also put how you want to be contacted in the message box as well as the date range you are looking to have the move done. Please note that REGARDLESS of distance we have a $300 minimum for transports, this means even if your move is only 20 miles the mimimum we would charge is $300. 



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