Amerihorse DOES NOT require a deposit prior to pickup for any reason. Any person asking for a deposit prior to pickup stating they are us is a SCAMMER.

Using our new quote feature you can get a price range for your transport to know what to expect when making decisions on moving a horse. This is a no obligation short form that allows you to get a price range without having to commit to a ride. The price range provided is within range for the majority of transporters, but there are a few that have much higher rates. Unless you submit your form at the end no one will contact you about your transport so you are free to use this handy feature to get an idea of what it will cost without being hounded by transporters looking to book. Everything you enter will be deleted after you leave the page without submitting. We hope this helps save you time and headaches. If you have an emergency pickup the rates for that may be significantly higher than this form shows due to most carriers having emergency rates (aka you need to horse picked up within 72 hours). It is always best to plan your horse transports with AT LEAST 2 weeks notice for the best rates.



Direct Ship Quote

This quote is for a DIRECT shipment from your pickup to your delivery address. Additional pickups can be added by the consignee, each additional pickup location will cost a minimum of $100. The form is not setup at this time to accurately quote for multiple pickups or drop offs. This is the most expensive option but allows for loads larger than 6 horses or unhandled horses which can make it more economical than trying to find separate fill rates for multiple horses. With this rate we bring the horse to you directly so they arrive to you as quickly as safely possible. Direct ship quotes can sometimes also include a fee from the rigs current location to the pickup location which this form does not calculate. Direct ship means just that, we go directly to your horses location, load them, and then take them directly to their delivery location with no other horses loaded but those of the consignee.

Fill Rate Quote

This is a quote for a fill rate which means you will be added to an existing route and your horse will be loaded with other people’s horses. There will be multiple stops and pickups in addition to your horse(s). Because we will have multiple stops and horses loading and unloading this is not the fastest way to get your horse to you, but it is the most economical outside of getting them yourself. In some cases it’s even more economical than getting them yourself.