Amerihorse DOES NOT require a deposit prior to pickup for any reason. Any person asking for a deposit prior to pickup stating they are us is a SCAMMER.

WARNING: Unfortunately we have had to watermark our photos to prevent theft by scammers attempting to trick people into sending deposits. This is a very common scam going on right now especially on Facebook. To avoid being scammed by a scammer you should request a photo of the rig with them holding a paper with your name and the date. There is no reason a valid provider who actually owns the rig would not be willing to do this especially with the amount of scams and cloned accounts going on.

Our primary transport trailer is a 4 Star Head to Head 6 Horse Trailer. It is 8.5 wide total, 8′ wide on the interior and 7-8′ high in the interior. There are 3 stalls on the front and 3 stalls on the rear with a 14′ open space between them. All partitions can be removed and reset to create a large open box or 3 box stalls. In addition to the side ramp we have a rear ramp that allows loading or unloading from the rear when necessary.

Each horse has access to water in a 5 gallon horse rated flat back bucket, a hay net kept full of hay, and shavings that are cleaned each time we unload and completely changed out at the end of every circuit. We carry padded halters for riders in our single stalls if one is not provided by the owner.


Our trailer has an air conditioned front room that has been converted into a weekender allowing our driver to remain with the rig at all times while transporting horses. We are in the process over the next week of upgrading all lighting on this trailer to make it much more visible on the road and give the horses a better ride. We constantly upgrade our equipment as we can with the idea of safety and your horse’s comfort in mind.