Amerihorse DOES NOT require a deposit prior to pickup for any reason. Any person asking for a deposit prior to pickup stating they are us is a SCAMMER.

We transport horses and occasionally other livestock to their owners all across the United States. We pride ourselves on running safely, humanely, and honestly. We want to get your horse to its destination safely and quickly while also doing the move within your budget. We want your horse to have an easy ride so they come off our rig relaxed and happy. That’s why we use a rig with roomy stalls that are easily converted to box stalls as needed. Even the largest horses will find plenty of head and leg room in our 8 foot tall and 8 foot wide trailer. You can read about our trailer and see photos of it here.

We have three basic service levels.

  • Direct – A direct transport is when we go directly from the PICKUP to the DELIVERY with no stops to pick up additional horses in between (except of course those belonging to the person who ordered the transport if needed). This method is the fastest shipment method to get your horses to you as there will be no additional stops outside what is required to safely transport your horses and your horses will be the only one’s on the transport. This is also the most expensive option there are no other horses to offset the costs of the transport. There are some instances where a direct transport is REQUIRED to book with us. Those include
    1. Unhandled horses – The only way we will transport unhandled horses is direct. We will drop all partitions and use the rear ramp to load and off load them or use our general livestock trailer which can hold 4-6 loose horses. Our general livestock trailer does meet BLM requirements.
    2. Over limit loads – This is any load with more than 6 horses.
    3. Loads Requiring 3 Box stalls – Any load needing 3 box stalls will be booked direct as that is the total number of box stalls we can support in our trailer.
  • Fill – This is the most economical way to transport a horse. One horse in a single stall of our trailer booked with other horses going the same general direction. This is the slowest way to get your horse moved however as it will have other pickups and stop offs along the entire route and other horses will be loaded onto the trailer with yours. Stall size can be upgraded from single to box on a fill rate.
  • Special – We do custom runs as well such as emergency runs, moving a variety of animals during a ranch or farm move, moving equipment along with your horses. Our trailers ample space between stalls and ability to remove partitions means we can easily accommodate all kinds of special moves. We are happy to discuss a custom move with you.

Experienced Matters

With over a decade of interstate transport experience and hundreds of thousands of safe driving under their belts our drivers know what it takes to get your horses where they need to go safely.

Tech Matters

Dash cams, trailer cams, gps, and more. We utilitze the latest tech as much as possible to keep your horses and our drivers safe while getting where they need to go.

Upkeep Matters

We keep our trailer clean and maintained. Our floors, axles, lighting, and brakes are checked thoroughly before each trip and throughout the trip. Our trailer is cleaned out completely after every trip. Buckets and other equipment cleaned after each horse.